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"A Place Called Hope" Pitch Trailer Released

Concept poster

I am very pleased to be announcing the launch of the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign for my next short film, "A Place Called Hope". In addition to Producing, this is the first film I've worked on where I wrote the script.

The inspiration behind the story is very personal. In fact, it's based on the early life of my maternal Grandmother, Mary who, before meeting my Grandfather, was married to a troubled and violent man that none of us know much about.

It's a period piece - which is both exciting and challenging to pull off - and I'm so thankful for the team that we've assembled so far. It will be directed by Adriana Comsa, who I met on set of another film, and is in very good hands with her inclusive, collaborative approach to filmmaking.

We shot the pitch trailer in late September and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. Thanks to DP Jay Kamal, assistant Jordan Gallardo, and editor Jeric Salangalang. Ian and Susan Senkow allowed us to use their backyard as our forest and cabin setting, and our baby actor Oliver and his Mom Caprice were such a pleasure to work with.

Please check out our Indiegogo page, choose your favourite perk and help support local, independent film in Vancouver!

Read over the materials, watch the trailer, and hopefully it speaks to you! We have 45 days to raise enough funds to tell this story of determination, strength, and optimism.


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