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That's a wrap on "I Love Chinaski When He Writes About Death"

The director wants a couch on the beach at a Provincial Park? The director gets a couch on the beach at a Provincial Park! Me with 1st AD Alisha Schatroph.

While most were hiking, camping, beaching and enjoying summer this August long weekend, a group of about 15 gathered to shoot the short film "I Love Chinaski When He Writes About Death". As a first time producer on a low-budget indie film, I can say that it was a whirlwind of an experience. 12 hour days in remote locations. Not only producing, but planning, prepping and serving crafty in the woods, sourcing props/managing production design, being a PA and a grip and slating when they needed me to. Sitting on the forest floor at 5am, legs shaking from no sleep and exhaustion...

Slating in the early morning at Alouette Lake

It was amazing to see how a team of almost-strangers came together to make a piece of art. Just as we started to figure each other out, the three shooting days were done and it was time to go home to get some sleep. Job titles?! HA! Everyone pitched in wayyyy beyond the roles they had on paper.

Cast and crew on our last day

As an actress I have always appreciated how hard the crew works, but I definitely have a new perspective about how much REALLY goes in to pulling off something like this on such a small budget. Luck was most certainly on our side throughout filming. We met some amazing and supportive people on the way. Sending good karma to the VPD and the Golden Ears Provincial Park Officers who were so chill and supportive. ; )

Looking back, I am very proud of the work everyone did and what we accomplished. Can't wait to see how everything comes together in post-production.

Me with good friend and writer/director, Andres Toro.

For now, sleep....

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